“I Knew A Girl” by Kathleen Dunbar

I just released this video today! Me singin’ my original song, Gawain Mathews on banjo and backing vocals, Drew Southern the videographer, and the field: Sonoma at dawn! You can see that the sun’s coming up during the video.

Entering the Blog-o-sphere!

Hi Everyone!

Here’s my first blog!  Here’s a pic, too, of the chart of Sweet Carline. I wrote this song whilst sitting in the bath one foggy SF night.  The original, place-holder, throw-em-away words were, “I’m gonna sit right here and read mah book!” The melody for the song just downloaded in my head, so I had to run dripping to get my (old school) tape recorder. Then the words started arriving, “His shirt was red.”  I tell ya, songs arrive anytime, anywhere.  These days I sing ’em into my iphone! Image