Blue Lilah


A-Blue LIlah

Who is Blue Lilah? Imagine being taken on a journey in the dream language of a medicine woman, with luscious percussion, backwards guitar, a whale’s voice, a thunderstorm . . . and that’s just the first song!

Let Blue Lilah take you with her through sea deeps, windy deserts and wild jungles. She casts her enchanting spell for you from the healing dreamtime! Her magical vocals ride on the rhythms of ancestral drums,
gorgeous guitar tendrils and big-heart-beat bass.
Your invitation is awaiting . . . join her in an adventure in her wild world! 

Blue Lilah—enchanting, entrancing journey-trance-new age music.

Find Blue Lilah at 

Here’s a tantalizing dip into Blue Lilah’s new world music CD, Medicine Songs – in this little video for you!

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