Kathleen Dunbar on Mutiny Radio Saturday Nite!

This Saturday Nite, February 9, TUNE IN–I’m on Mutiny Radio 8:30-9:00 pm with my Better Devil guitarist, producer and friend Gawain Mathews for an interview and we’ll play some live songs on the radio for You! Thanks to Aisha for hosting us in her “Sounds from the Street” program!
Here’s the link 
BUT you have to
(about 1/3 of the way into it):  Podcast
AAA Best Band Lg 985874437_yyETT-LFrom my song 
Everybody Knows

The Delaware brothah
he done axed me
tall and fine
he relaxed me.
We took it crosstown
we took it slow
we found it comin
and we found it on the go.
He had a halo
it was ten percent
he didn’t know
where the other ninety went.
He said I give it to you girl
you give it back to me
the train done left the station
and the ride ain’t free.
Look for an exit
hope for a sign
don’t hurt my gunarm
my aim is fine.
If the waitress likes you
your coffee’s free
she calls you honey
her honeybee!

Photo by Tamarind Free Jones live at The Uptown in Oakland
To listen to Everybody Knows click this: Bandcamp
Find me on my music website www.kathleendunbarmusic.com

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