Yeah!!! My CD “The Storm in Our Head” just got accepted by Pandora Radio!

A-Accepted in Pandora 04/09/13Yeah! Whoohoo! I’ll be on Pandora Radio by July!

You’ll be able to find me on Pandora by July—I’ll keep you “tuned in” and let you know when it hits the virtual airwaves! The Inside Scoop: the submission/acceptance process is based on unknown Pandora folks listening to only TWO songs! The songs I used were the smoky bluesy Better The Devil You Know and the title song The Storm In Our Head.
In celebration, I’m offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of both of these songs for the next couple of months.  To get the free download:
you can go to the following link, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and sign up for my newsletter—
Free download LINK in my upcoming e-newsletter out next week!  Please pass the links on to your friends, too!

A-Accepted in Pandora 04/09/13

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