Out West

when Mrs. Graham came out to California
bearing the maiden name I never knew
she looked out of the train window
into the flat stretches of Nebraska
and saw a man on a horse with a hat
“There‘s The Cowboy” she said to herself
and to me, years later,
“I was thrilled.”

© Kathleen Dunbar

Photos by Kathleen Dunbar


2 thoughts on “Out West

  1. Damn Girl! I can’t tell you how much I love your poetry!!! And those photos…OMG! The top one stopped me dead in my tracks! Tell me about a little something about it.

    • Hi Shelley, Thanks so much for being such a fan! A little about the photo–we were at the Marin County Fair a couple of Fourth of Julys ago and a guy in steampunker garb was walking along with his cane across the sunburned ground, and I quickly took a shot of him! I knew I’d use it for something. Then I worked on the photo to render it the way I liked, and was lucky to be able to do so.

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