Dogs Don’t Care

Dogs Don’t Care

Dogs as a whole
don’t care what they look like
(except perhaps for poodles). 
Let yourself find that dignity
and freedom
that creatures know
—let the sense of you being you
in the moment
just as you are
become a little fuller.
Your body will thank you
(it already knows how
and will be glad you listened).
Your heart will
The miracle is You—
beauteous, unique,
sometimes with fleas,
alive and here.
Don’t let the thoughts
that compare and criticize you
be the only show in town.
They never took into account
the mystery that is you.
Be as dog, or horse,
or walrus—trust yourself
howl wildly, run, snort
play and growl
taste and smell
sing and dance
and most of all be here.
The body that you were given
is exquisite.
Your mind is a gem
unique unto itself.
Your heart is waiting for you
to love yourself.
You are amazing.

© Kathleen Dunbar 2020

Photo by Kathleen Dunbar.

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Dyslexics You Are The Quintessential Outside-The-Box Thinkers!

Dyslexics, you have the ability to save the world because you are such fantastic problem solvers and you are the quintessential outside-the-box thinkers! Trust yourself, your intuition and your gifts! You are the super humans of our time! Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!

Learn more about dyslexia—gifts and challenges and support for your awesomeness—here:

For Dyslexics—You Are Amazing!

By Kathleen Dunbar, CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Hakomi Therapist 

You’re dyslexic? Wow! That means you have some amazing gifts! The planet needs your unique brilliance! 

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These pages and articles are dedicated to understanding: 

  • What dyslexia is and how the dyslexic brain works.
  • Dyslexic strengths explained. 
  • The unique challenges of growing up dyslexic on emotional wellbeing: Key areas of difficulty and suggestions for support. 
  • Resources: Videos of dyslexics speaking about their experiences; books and articles; inspiration and information.
  • The kinds of psychotherapy that are best suited for dyslexics.

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Dyslexics: You Are Amazing!


Dyslexics you are amazing! 1 in 10 people are dyslexic, and the numbers may be as high as 1 in 5! Here are highlights and links from the First Global Summit about Dyslexia, Oct 2018. Your brains are wonderfully different than non-dyslexic brains. When properly supported, you can use your amazing gifts to thrive and to help solve the complex problems the world faces. Please check out info from the Global Summit below, And please also check out lots of info on my website at under the For Dyslexics section.

First Global Summit about Dyslexia October 2018, from Made by Dyslexia—Highlights

Made by Dyslexia Pledge for companies, educators and governments to pledge to value dyslexic thinking, and to begin taking positive steps towards supporting dyslexia
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Spelling It Out:
“This simple guide gives essential information about dyslexia, how to support it, and how to advocate for it.” —Made by Dyslexia

EY-Made by Dyslexia Report:
EY-Made by Dyslexia Report on the Value of Dyslexia to Business, Coordinated with the latest World Economic Forum’s change in demand for core-related work-related skills 2015-2020, all industries

“There needs to be a refocusing, now more than ever, of how dyslexic ability is viewed in the context of the changing world of work: schools must recognize dyslexia as a valuable way of thinking; understand the importance of discovering dyslexic challenges and strengths; and provide support which enables dyslexic individuals to reach their full potential. We hope this report will be the tipping point that enables the world to see the value of dyslexia and highlights why dyslexia should be a priority in schools. As this report shows, the working world can benefit from dyslexic minds.” —Kate Griggs Founder and CEO of Made by Dyslexia

“In this report, we analyze how dyslexic strengths match closely to the pressing skill requirements of the changing world and have provided recommendations to nurture and grow these abilities. Our findings show the huge benefits to be had from taking action to maximize dyslexic strengths. With this in mind, we trust our work will help in seeing the value of proactively educating, recruiting, developing and retaining those with dyslexia.” —Richard Addison, Dyslexia Network Partner Sponsor