We Wowed ‘Em at Bill Cook’s Barn!



Thanks to everyone who helped make the gig at Bill Cook’s Barn an amazing show! Bill says, “Kathleen’s music and her band are top class. Wow! Her songs are diverse, sensitive, powerful and spellbinding.”



Thanks to my smokin’ hot band: The Better Devils, an amazing trio of topnotch touring and studio musicians:
Gawain Mathews, most recently he’s been the touring guitarist for Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart.
Kevin Hayes, drummer for Robert Cray, including on Cray’s Emmy-award winning album Take Your Shoes Off.
Paul Olguin, bass player for the likes of Bob Weir, Elvin Bishop, Maria Muldaur, Huey Lewis, and more.KathBillsBarn-10

  • Host Bill Cook served up his legendary hospitality—his preshow dinner and the truly amazing venue—a “barn” that Bill has converted into a large premier performance and dance space. His high end sound system and the barn’s acoustics are a band’s and an KathBillsBarn-13audience’s dream!
  • Thank you Megan for your very careful attention and the super-kind gift of your presence and experience, and for altering your flight to go on a redeye in order to videotape me!
  • Thank you Gabriella for your enthusiasm, it really touched my heart—keep your creativity coming!
  • Behind-the-scenes Key Man Joseph Feusi did his usual magic that we know about because everything ran smoothly! and thanks for the delightful Bill’s Barnyard photo of the Band!
  • Michael Garrigues was a wonderful surprise guest—thanks for your awesome performance photos!
  • And as always—to my wonderful fans—much, much love! What an amazing feeling to look out in the audience and see you all grooving to the experience!


Awesome performance photos by Michael Garrigues, Foglifter Media
Bill’s barnyard photo by Joseph Feusi, Mentor Extraordinaire!
Listen to and purchase my original songs at katheendunbarmusic.com 

Upcoming Gig May 16 at Bill’s Barn!

A-Mutiny Radio Story 3  02-10-13

Bill Cook is hosting me, Kathleen Dunbar,
and my band The Better Devils in his “Barn”

I’m putting on a really cool show down just South of Pescadero in
Bill Cook’s Barn. Bill has turned his barn into a premier venue showcase. It has a state of the art sound system. Plenty of room for dancing. A fire pit outside to talk to friends and cook marshmallows. Lots of parking. Beautiful countryside. And this show comes with a free turkey dinner prepared by Bill with all the fixin’s!!!
4pm dinner; 6pm showtime!

Go this link for all the info: Info For Kathleen’s Saturday May 16th Show

Or, let me tell ya about it right now: 

TIME: 4pm/dinner 6pm/show
WHERE: 10350 Cabrillo Hwy, Pescadero ½ mile south of Bean Hollow Beach, East Side, American Flag marks the driveway
DINNER: Is DONATED by Bill!— TURKEY DINNER with FRESH LOCAL VEGETABLES And you are invited to bring a small potluck fav to share
COST: $20 donation to the band suggested, but if it’s not in your budget… Please come! Your attendance is the best contribution!!!
VENUE: Plenty of comfortable seating, room to dance, great sound! Outdoor fire pit to toast marshmallows in! The sunset over the Pacific Ocean! Beautiful countryside!

ABOUT BILL’S “BARN”: Bill has transformed his “Barn” into · A beautiful large premier performance & dance space with a great sound system · Bill’s Barn sits on a beautiful piece of property where you can dance & listen inside · Hang outside in the glorious countryside & watch the sun go down along Highway 1 · Sit around the fire pit in the evening · Partake of his famous Turkey dinner with all the trimmings · Plenty of free parking · Feel free to bring family, friends and a bit of food or drink to share! · KIDS WELCOME! No RSVP necessary

ABOUT ME: San Francisco Singer-Songwriter Kathleen Dunbar Webpage: http://www.kathleendunbarmusic.com
Hear me on Pandora! My band and I have delighted audiences at Peri’s, The Uptown, Rudramandir, Underground SF, Mutiny Radio and numerous local house concerts. I’ll be performing original songs in the Americana tradition from my first two CDs as well as my upcoming CD Liars, Cutthroats and Dames, all produced by multi-instrumentalist and recently touring guitarist for Mickey Hart, Gawain Mathews.

ABOUT MY BAND: I’ll be accompanied by my smokin’ hot band The Better Devils: An amazing trio of topnotch touring and studio musicians:
GAWAIN MATHEWS Most recently he’s been the touring guitarist for Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart
KEVIN HAYES Drummer for Robert Cray, including on Cray’s Emmy-award winning album Take Your Shoes Off
PAUL OLGUIN Bass player for the likes of Bob Weir, Elvin Bishop, Maria Muldaur, Huey Lewis, & more

To Take Hwy 1: Take a relaxing scenic drive along the coast of California on Hwy 1 down from SF
To Take 280 + Hwy 1: Zip down 280 to the cutover on 92 then down Hwy 1
To Take Skyline: Take Skyline/35 down to Alice’s restaurant and cut over on 84 past La Honda to Hwy 1
From Santa Cruz Come on up Hwy 1

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Live Video of Kathleen Dunbar and The Better Devils

A-Peri's 12-13-13

I had a great time performing at Peri’s in Fairfax on 11/24/13 with my awesome band, The Better Devils: Thanks and Big Hugs to Gawain Mathews on Guitar, Paul Olguin on Bass, Jon Arkin on Drums, Joseph Feusi as Sound Tech and Videographer, Tamarind Free Jones for her love and Album Photography, and Jennifer Cortright for her love and a fab Green Room! Rock on! Here’s my original song, Lilah!

Please have a listen to me on this video!

Accordion Song

A-Accordion Song 05-28-13

Hey Folks, Here’s the lyrics, and you can LISTEN along by
clicking the link, which is: Accordion Song

Accordion Song
Words by Kathleen Dunbar
Music by Kathleen Dunbar and Gawain Matthews

when we meet I hold the candle
when we part put out the flame
far from home I’m bought and sold
kisses bitter, love the name

when you ask I do not answer
words you speak I do not know
keep me in the cage you fashioned
say you’ll never let me go

lai dai dai-ee-dai
lai dai dai-ee-dai
lai-dai dai-dai
lai-dai dai-dai

love I wear a little dress of gold and red
how sweet and wise I lead you to my bed
laugh and dance, how deep the sin
spell is cast—we both fall in

I’m your bird, oh-ho you bid me sing
‘pon the cage I beat my wings
sky your blue eyes, close and cool
crumbs of love like broken jewels

midnight’s hush, how cold the wind
turn the key—the dark pours in
at the window—don’t ask why
drop your hands and let me fly

© by Kathleen Dunbar and Gawain Mathews

Photos By Kathleen Dunbar

Listen to “Accordion Song” from my CD The Storm in Our Head on Bandcamp or find it on my website, kathleendunbarmusic.com

A-Accordion Song 05-28-13 best version

A-Accordion Song 05-28-13

Yeah!!! My CD “The Storm in Our Head” just got accepted by Pandora Radio!

A-Accepted in Pandora 04/09/13Yeah! Whoohoo! I’ll be on Pandora Radio by July!

You’ll be able to find me on Pandora by July—I’ll keep you “tuned in” and let you know when it hits the virtual airwaves! The Inside Scoop: the submission/acceptance process is based on unknown Pandora folks listening to only TWO songs! The songs I used were the smoky bluesy Better The Devil You Know and the title song The Storm In Our Head.
In celebration, I’m offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of both of these songs for the next couple of months.  To get the free download:
you can go to the following link, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and sign up for my newsletter—
Free download LINK in my upcoming e-newsletter out next week!  Please pass the links on to your friends, too!

A-Accepted in Pandora 04/09/13

Kathleen and Gawain on the Radio! Listen to the Podcast!

A-Mutiny Radio Story 4 & Podcast StoryKathleen and Gawain on the Radio! Listen to the Podcast!

Hear us perform live versions of four of my songs, plus I’ll make you laugh and entertain you with the interview—where these songs come from! what inspires me! and more! Thanks Mutiny Radio and Aisha for having us!

Here’s the link BUT you have to
(about 1/3 of the way into it):  Podcast

Kathleen Live On Mutiny Radio!

What fun! Just came home from doing a live show on Mutiny Radio of my original songs performed by me and my Better Devil guitarist, friend and producer Gawain Mathews, and I give an interview about where these songs come from and how I write ’em! Thanks Aisha and Crystal for having us on your program Sounds from the Street. You can hear the show too! Here’s the link BUT you have to
(about 1/3 of the way into it):  Podcast






IMG_2898 - Version 5

IMG_2904Photos by Kathleen Dunbar and Lorene Garrett

Kathleen Dunbar on Mutiny Radio Saturday Nite!

This Saturday Nite, February 9, TUNE IN–I’m on Mutiny Radio 8:30-9:00 pm with my Better Devil guitarist, producer and friend Gawain Mathews for an interview and we’ll play some live songs on the radio for You! Thanks to Aisha for hosting us in her “Sounds from the Street” program!
Here’s the link 
BUT you have to
(about 1/3 of the way into it):  Podcast
AAA Best Band Lg 985874437_yyETT-LFrom my song 
Everybody Knows

The Delaware brothah
he done axed me
tall and fine
he relaxed me.
We took it crosstown
we took it slow
we found it comin
and we found it on the go.
He had a halo
it was ten percent
he didn’t know
where the other ninety went.
He said I give it to you girl
you give it back to me
the train done left the station
and the ride ain’t free.
Look for an exit
hope for a sign
don’t hurt my gunarm
my aim is fine.
If the waitress likes you
your coffee’s free
she calls you honey
her honeybee!

Photo by Tamarind Free Jones live at The Uptown in Oakland
To listen to Everybody Knows click this: Bandcamp
Find me on my music website www.kathleendunbarmusic.com

My song Sweet Carline Voted in February’s Top Ten on Ourstage!

YEAH! My song Sweet Carline was just voted into the Top Ten for January 2013 in its category on Ourstage! What a great start to the new year! Thanks lovely voters! Go directly to this link to listen on Bandcamp.  It’s on my new CD The Storm in Our Head. Fun behind-the-scenes trivia–You can see the chart for Sweet Carline by my evercool producer and guitarist Gawain Mathews in my first-ever blog post by clickin’ Chart.

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Photo by Kathleen Dunbar

Fab Review Just In for my album The Storm in Our Head

545721_3973036163825_1814285429_n_2_2Music Emissions Review:  Listening to Ohio raised San Francisco based Kathleen Dunbar’s latest album, The Storm in Our Head recently has just renewed my appreciation for story-telling songs. It’s rare nowadays to come across a catalog that connects several generations of music and harkens back to a gamut of genres- bluegrass, Americana, blues, folk songs from the “olde country” (where ever that is in your head) and even Latin jazz.

Before e-books, readers, laptops and even written word, this album reminds the listener, songs were what we had and really all we needed to pass along tales of love, forlorn loss, morality and hidden life metaphors. A theatrical poetess emerges from the first note to take the listener’s hand on an interesting character journey. What happens to the heroine when “a superhero can’t stop the wreck?”

Displaying pieces of Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Alannah Myles, June Carter and Carole King, the tempo rides several raucous hills and quiet valleys from hand-clapping, knee-slapping, 60’s twisting, 70’s classic rock to a slow Tennessee waltz. A dichotomous Black Magic Woman/“Sweet Carline“/”Snake Charmer and wounded, bruised victim that will take the hit (“this is the part where I get a broken heart”) but will triumphantly rebound. Straying from the others, “Blue Tattoo” was an unexpected “smoky club, gardenia in hair” surprise in the Latin bossa nova vein. The contrasting genres mix beautifully to form a potent eye of the “storm” to which you’ll gladly be swept.  Jan 14, 2013 

Photo by Joseph Feusi

Listen to the album by visiting Itunes, my Website or Bandcamp

See review at Music Emissions